ECD document

The ECD (EFTCO cleaning document) is a document created by EFTCO at the request of CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) and ECTA (European Chemical Transport Associacion). This document has to be used by all EFTCO members. This assures standardization of the basic conditions (technical, environmental, health and security) for the member companies. The ECD document contains a serial number, and it is issued in 4 copies at a time. For the different cleaning services, special code-numbers are to be used by which all loading- and unloading places understand equivalently the services executed.  The goal of the creation of this joint document was to assure the administration of high quality tank cleaning.

It is very important that the loading places should accept only original and valid ECD documents. This way it can be guaranteed that their products are not polluted.  

So you are requested that in case you receive a false or inadequately filled in ECD – please contact the Hungarian association.

EFCTO in co-operation with CEFIC and ECTA has recently created a joint venture company under the name of ECLIC, for the development of the electronical ECD (e-ECD). The development of the new electronical document is now in a test phase.